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Exclusive high profile art related words or combinations that are valuable, sourced via big data analysis. Great for advertising, marketing and branding.
There are ~3.5 million art related word forms compiled and sourced via Big Data analysis, totalling a value of over $750 million USD. The average asking price for a Premium domain name is $200, lower than the Preferred Access price of ~$300. The retail price for Premiums range from $70 to $15,000. Premiums differ from standard registrations with an initial higher fee than the standard $10 - $15 fee, followed by much smaller annual renewals ~$35.

Examples of premium domain names:,,,

The data relating to Premium domain names is currently not available on BROWSE ART.
We are looking to publish Premium domain names in the near future and integrate them into the existing interface.

If the end-user price of a Premium is prohibitive, then please contact us regarding usage or possible collaboration in using a Premium .ART domain of interest and we will endeavour to forward your proposal for consideration.

contact : support@Browse.Art
Le Visage
40x30x1.5", Gallery £650
UK Patriotism [2/3]
24x24x1.5", Gallery £220
Never In The Face [1/2]
40x30x1.5", Gallery £750
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